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Seeing yourself as part of someone else’s story will bring justice to the world

The stories that we tell of ourselves can only be completed by others. To bring justice in our world, we will need more than hope for a better future. We will need to start growing a peace garden decorated by all our differences, and we will need to connect these stories as parts of our collective story as human beings.


The way of the nomad is by maintaining a physical distance

By Wakanyi Hoffman More than a decade ago, I packed up our wedding gifts, a new baby, and a career in a suitcase. The sum of my childhood and young adult life was shipped from my homeland in Kenya to my husband’s in Ohio. What I didn't know then was that I would be signing… Continue reading The way of the nomad is by maintaining a physical distance


A global nomad’s answer to the question, 'Where are you from?' is now imprinted in a graffiti-illustrated children’s book

In this month's piece, I interview newly published author, Elisavet Arkolaki, whose debut children's book 'Where am I From?' gives a simple answer to a surprisingly complex question, that many children around the world fumble with. In the process, we discover many similarities to our lives and ideals- we discuss feminism, fighting patriarchy and finding 'roots' in a rootless, nomadic lifestyle.