Author: Waks

A curator of African folktales. A trained journalist and content editor. An independent Global Education Researcher. Partner to a guy I met on a dusty bus stop in Nairobi on a Saturday afternoon. Mother to four of the world's best backpacking Third Culture Kids. A self-proclaimed world citizen with strong Kenyan roots. A global nomad, always ready to stop over for giggles and a hot cup of tea.

Why children can bear witness to social injustice, without losing their innocence

How much injustice is too much for children to bear, and are they losing their innocence in the face of the racially charged incidents that are happening in the US? The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has provided parents with more quantity time and a chance to see what our children have learned from the adults raising them. As a mother to mixed-race children, I have especially been concerned about how these issues affect my children’s identity and how much of their innocence is lost as they learn about these distressing issues.